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[Sticky] Moon Landings  


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13/02/2019 9:17 am  

Here we discuss and add content, compelling evidence of deception as it relates to the "Moon Landings".

Paul On The Plane
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13/03/2019 9:46 pm  

NASA to open untouched moon samples for 1st time since Apollo missions

RT Article

How convenient they kept some moon rocks in a vacuum (1 x 10-11 TORR no less - which is impossible in an aluminum case, but that's beside the point) so that now they can just make up whatever they want that they find and address any questions or concerns people have, or debunk anything they want because it will be unfalsifiable and unverifiable by the masses.

Notice how they are all about moisture lately -- the Earth's atmosphere now extends 400K miles, so the moon inside it. A few days later, the LRO discovers water molecules. Mark my words, when they say they have studied these moon rocks, they will tell us they found evidence of moisture... 

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