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Flat earth map  


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30/04/2019 5:15 pm  

hello all, still trying to learn some of these concepts.

after reviewing the most popular flat earth map, i have noticed several issues. for this map to work, either you have to suspend all concepts of time as we know it, or every commercial pilot in the world would also have to be in on the conspiracy. the distances just dont work.

lets just look at how australia is presented on the flat earth model. i noticed that australia is distorted to much wider that what it actually is. since we are talking about a flat surface map, we can measure the direct distance with a ruler on this map. i have yet to find a flat earth map with a distance bar on it, so we will have to measure. i wanted to compare the distances from the west coast-east coast, to the north coast-south coast

i compared two city pairings for comparison sake: Perth-Sydney and Darwin-Melbourne. a very rough, but close enough measurement has Perth-Sydney 2.75 times further than Darwin-Melbourne on the flat earth model. this means that the flight time (roughly and assuming no winds for ease of comparison) would be 2.75 times longer. this is just not the case in reality.

using the globe model the distance between perth and sydney is 2445 miles. the distance between darwin and melbourne is 2332 miles. the two are almost exactly the same.

average flight times (i know they can vary greatly but this is fine for comparison sake) between perth and sydney is 4 hours 45 minutes. between darwin and melbourne average time is 4 hours 15 miutes. 

how can this work on a flat earth model? the only possible way is for the east/west (PER-SYD) route to fly more than twice as fast as the north/south (DAR-MEL) route. 

again, every commercial pilot in australia would have to be in on the conspiracy as this obviously does not happen.


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