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Thoughts from a pilot  


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30/04/2019 4:41 pm  

hello all,

i look forward to having a healthy debate. 

i listened to the podcast with the GVI pilot and found several things 6 odd about his story. like your podcast guest, i am also a commercial pilot with over 30 years of experience. i was very interested to hear his story as i, in all my years of flying have never met any pilot who believed in a flat earth. 

-if he is flying from eastern australia to new york by overflying alaska, then he is the only pilot in the world doing this (unless there is a needed stop in AK). first of all, a GVI does not have the range to fly from western australia to new york non stop. it is 2-3 thousand miles further than the max range of the aircraft. however, all hypothetical routes from western australia to the eastern US come no where near alaska. 

- a very small thing, but i have never heard a pilot refer to a Citation X as a citation x (with the letter x pronounced). it would be like calling a Gulfstream V a gulfstream "vee". every pilot i know refers to it as a citation 10. maybe its a aussie thing.

- after listening to your conversation regarding the route between the US and Ireland and why it follows a route off the coast of N america and up close to greenland and iceland; i would respectifully suggest that you research great circle routes. once you understand this then the route makes perfect since. you will also notice that the westbound route from europe back to the US is significantly different than the eastbound. we will deliberately fly a longer (mileage wise) route in order to avoid the jetstream. while the route is more miles, it is less time. this is why the westbound routes are almost always much further north than the eastbound. i am surprised that a such an expierenced pilot would not be familiar with the concept of great circle routes

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22/06/2019 5:55 am  

Hello av8r,

In talking with the pilot offline, he explained his mentor/teacher was the first to mention FE, and he now knows many FE researchers who also are pilots of both fixed and rotary aircraft. Also, I noticed many people commenting about a nonstop from Australia to NY, but I want to remind folks that he never said it was "non-stop." Whether he refueled or not, the flight path took him over Alaska.

The great circle routes I am familiar with. I fly from Seattle to Dublin and back often. We fly over Greenland. The further north you are, the less of an impact the great circle route is a deviation from the FE model, but the further south you go, man, the great circle route is a lot longer than if you were to just fly in a straight line between the two cities if we live on a globe. 

The flights to and from Texas to parts the Middle East and Africa are the most interesting... 

Finally, I know that my pilot guest also holds licenses in many different countries. I heard that Wolfie tried to debunk the whole story, unfortunately he had to make up some stuff that my guest never said in order to provide something to debunk. that's called a straw man.

Thanks for the comment and hope all is well. Cheers.



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