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Happy to be here!  


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28/07/2019 7:06 am  

Hey everyone!

@paulontheplane thanks for creating this site and your podcast. 

My name is Brad. I'm from Alabama, and I am convinced that the world is not what it seems. I am a Christian, and my whole life I've tried to reconcile science with the Bible. One day a friend asked me to read Genesis (particularly the story of creation) and see if I noticed anything odd. It was that the sun wasn't created until AFTER there was light. Not sure how I never noticed that before. Then there was the stuff about the firmament and the waters above and the waters beneath. Anyway, things are starting to make sense now.

One thing I will say about the flat Earth community, though, is that there seems to be some confirmation bias sometimes. Blanket statements and talking down to "globers" doesn't do anything but weaken the flat Earth position. The only way to expose a lie is with the truth.

Whatr got me realizing something was up was when I set out to prove that the Earth is a sphere (thought it should be easy). I tried to figure out how things had been proven, like the distance and size of the sun and moon, stars, etc... Basically the things scientists talk about with confidence like they're known facts. With so many "proofs" relying on things like the speed of light being constant and gravity being a thing, I realized there's probably a lot of stuff they are either lying about our they flat out got it wrong. If the Earth is flat, that simplifies and explains SO many things I've questioned my whole life.

That's all for now. Glad to be here, and I look forward to joining in on discussions!


Paul On The Plane
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29/07/2019 2:32 am  

Thanks for the intro Brad. And welcome! I agree that we are guilty of the same things we claim other people are doing... We all need to check ourselves often and make sure we aren't stooping down to someone else's level. Thanks for the reminder. Your Genesis story resonates with me. I was reading the same thing to my 16 yr old daughter and then she caught it, too - light before the sun, days before!

Glad you're here!

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