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Dome Life with POTP

Episode 118 – Title: WAKING UP THE WORLD

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Dome Life with Paul On The Plane is supported by “Stay asleep, my friends”
Question Everything Conference (Feb. 22-23, 2019)
Roxanne and Robin’s Podcast…ne-robin-podcast
European Flat Earth Events! Globe Lie Tour Convention (Sept 13-15, 2019) & FE Amsterdam (Sept. 27-29, 2019) &
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Globe Lie Euro Tour

GLOBE LIE EURO TOUR 2019 ANNOUNCEMENT (Jason Disbury on Roxanne and Robin’s Podcast)

Dr. John D’s Website – Pier 2 Pier Experiment 2019


“Down Ova with Mitch”

Torque the Line Experiment –
R.o.B. FE – Set the Line Experiment

“Page On The Plane”

Scientism Exposed: Hiding the True Creator of Creation…ion/dp/1999409507