Is it possible that your entire life is a lie?

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Dear Friend:

With more than 100 pages of full color images and thought-provoking concepts, the Hoax Book (link below) makes a great flat-smacking tool to link your friends and family to. Page after page, the Hoax Book conjures up completely logical and reasonable flat earth notions that will challenge your favorite globe earther’s faith in their spinning, orbiting, corkscrewing salty water space pear (which they didn’t even know they believed in to begin with).

If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you browse through and feel free to download it to your computer for safe keeping. Most importantly, snag the link to this page and share it on your social media channels and send it in an email to family and friends and ask them to provide you feedback.

It makes a great coffee table book, too! Download the full PDF and upload it to Shutterfly or a similar-type service. Special thanks to David Weiss (YouTube: DITRH) and his co-conspirators who created this wonderful tool. I hope you enjoy viewing it and using it as much as I do.

Stay flat,

Please click on the image here to open the book. You can share it from the next screen!